Making Music For No One

My new album “Making Music For No One” is now available on all streaming services. Here is a SongWhip link. Choose where you would like to listen and enjoy!

I really enjoyed making this album. I recorded it over the course of about 6 months. I wrote every song on an acoustic guitar and recorded it mostly in my dining room. We have a wonderful old dog named Nelli. She can no longer go upstairs. So just about every time my wife and daughter had somewhere to be, I would grab my computer, my mic and my guitar and work on songs at the dining room table. She would sit right at my feet sometimes dreaming, sometimes passing terrible gas and sometimes making all kinds of noise scratching herself. Oh well, that’s an old dog for you. But she is a wonderful companion and we love her dearly. You can here her scratching or walking on our hardwood floors at the end of several songs. I faded it out, but it’s there if you listen.

Besides my wonderful dog Nelli the only other person who I have on this album is my friend from England Matt Kik ( He gave me the title of the song “I Don’t Want To Wake Up Dead In America” through a Twitter post. He said it was a silly title he had written in a high school notebook. I told him it was a great title for a song and he said that I should go ahead and write it. So it did. Here’s a link to the version that I did with his whole band:   and here’s the acoustic version from the new album: – I’m glad Matt gave me the title for this tune!

Thanks to everyone for their support. I truly appreciate it.

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Mike Smull

The Godzilla Attacks Tokyo Kamikaze Blue Band is the music of guitarist Michael Smull, a graduate of the Musicians Institute, Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA. Mike has been playing in bands and writing music for more than 30 years. Mike is an avid fan of rock and blues and decided to combine the two genre’s into music that is fun and sometimes a little humorous. The Godzilla Attacks Tokyo Kamikaze Blues Band's latest album is Godzilla's Got The Blues available on all major streaming platforms.