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Making Music For No One

Making Music For No One

It’s been a while. Glad to be back. I’m happy to report that my new album “Making Music for No One” is now available on BandCamp! Here’s the link:

This album is different in a few ways. First, I wrote it entirely on acoustic guitar. I have always had an acoustic guitar and at times have played it some, but to be honest, I was always an electric player. Last year I just started playing it more and more and even played a few solo acoustic gigs and a few open mics. I took my tunes that were all recorded as if they were done with a band and I stripped them down to just me and the guitar. I was pleased how the songs sounded and I started to feel very comfortable just playing those tunes without all the other instruments. I also initially recorded many of my songs in pieces and constructed them on the computer part by part. I now had to learn to play them all the way through.

The second thing that is different is that more of the songs have a more personal message. Not all of them. But I did finally write the song for my father who passed away almost 17 years ago. I had always wanted to write a song for him, but didn’t really know how to approach it. Finally I read a post by the amazing musician Kelly Kintner where he said something about when he writes lyrics he often writes them as if he’s writing a letter to someone. That really struck a chord with me. I could just write my dad a letter and tell him a few things I never got to tell him. When people die suddenly we’re all left with so many things we wish we had said or done. My dad was here one minute and gone the next. There was no time to say goodbye. No time to talk about all of the things that were just left unsaid.

I also recorded all of the songs with my acoustic guitar and I even recorded a few with me singing and playing at the same time and then added in the additional tracks. Many of the leads are played on acoustic as well. There are very minimal tracks for each song. I don’t think there are more than 10 on any song. I wanted the songs to sound like a group of guys got together in a room and just hit record and started to play. Sure, I did a few extra takes here and there, but many of the tracks were done in one take.

I have had less time for music since the world re-opened. Work, family and many other things have kept me busy. This may be the last time I work solely on creating an album. I got very comfortable releasing a single every month. It was fun. I would write something, record it and put it out. I was also spending a lot more time on social media and doing my best to get those songs on playlists and in front of people. I don’t think I’ll have the same amount of time to promote this album so I’m sure it won’t get heard by many. That’s why the title is “Making Music for No One”. I’m just being completely honest with myself here. It’s extremely hard to get music played and listened to. I’m amazed anyone has listened to anything I’ve recorded. My plans now are to record a song now and then when I have something new and then I’ll release it if I like it enough. I hope to play more open mics and small acoustic gigs or small band gigs with my original music. I’ve met a great drummer and bass player who have been happy playing my music with me and we’re going to try to play a little bit when it works out. I’ll also continue to play music with my cover band. I really love those guys and it’s great to get together each week to make music.

I truly just want to say thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to follow me, listened to a few tunes and even occasionally give me a kind comment about my music. It really has been a blast.


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